Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A James Horner Poem

The Danger Motif

Heaven help us!

The world is in danger; the four-note motif

is playing somewhere, out there.

I can hear it clearly; da-da-da-dum.

In Solfège: Do, Di, Re, Di.

This motif resonates as a testament,

a titanic call that goes beyond borders.

It travels like radio, up from the depths,

it heralds that something wicked

this way comes.

Do, Di, Re, Di.

From the land before time; a far off place,

to the new world, this enemy at the gates

we recognize as a deadly blessing,

is far from the devil's own.

For when we hear its four-note call,

we know a clear and present danger,

lurks in the next scene,

in the next few frames,

to test our hero's courage under fire.

If the meaning of these four notes escapes you,

take 48 hours, watch a few films,

then take another 48 hours

to soak in the glory

of James Horner's Do, Di, Re, Di.

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