Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten Minute Thoughts

These are ten minute thoughts, written and published in ten (or so) minutes.

There are many film score options on the market. There are limited releases, commercial releases, online and in-store releases. There are rereleases of older releases. Disc upon disc and byte upon byte of releases. New ones come in, older ones are phased out. They are bought, traded and sometimes discarded. One day, they are rare, priceless items. The next day, they are dime a dozen. Collections are built or destroyed around these releases.

With all this talk of what, how, when and where, one thing is easily overlooked...why.

Does one copy of any item differ so greatly from another? Does a fan need to continually update a collection based on what a producer decides to release with new material? When does a fondness of film music turn into an obsession?

This side of the peanut gallery will remain silent but for the sounds gently wafting through the air from my little stereo.

Ah, the joys of soundtracking.

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