Monday, August 2, 2010

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Red Barber was right. Just ask Vin Scully.

Long-time Dodger announcer Scully learned from Barber, his mentor from their days in Brooklyn, that the announcer should never be a “homer”, that is, openly root for the team which pays the salary. Be neutral, keep opinions out of the game.

As Joe Friday would say, “All we want are the facts...”.

Dodgers and Dragnet aside, this idea is very important to the renewal of ReelMusicOnline. The articles featured here must be as neutral as possible, sticking to facts whenever possible. This site has no place for rumor mongering or reputation destruction. The stories that you will read here will be true.

Truth and neutrality are wonderful assets, but they don't cover all the bases. RMO will strive for literary excellence. Police reports are full of nonpartisan facts, but they don't hit the best-seller lists. This site's main goals are to entertain, educate and enlighten its readers. Boring articles are still boring whether they are true or not.

A good piece of literature should engage the reader in a number of ways: emotionally, intellectually and literally. Journalism, whether in print or online, is nothing more than good, instant literature. Whereas a book may take its time to get to the point, journalism must make a strong case immediately or lose out to more appealing fare.

RMO also appreciates other voices and will not object to publishing the works of other film music fans. The only catch is that articles must follow the same basic RMO rules of truth and respect.

With that, ReelMusicOnline is back. Play Ball!

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